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Need Minecraft premium code?
Join Premium Giveaway
First i started premium giveaway on my YouTube channel. I created 8 videos and  
giveaway more then 20 codes. I know that many players of minecraft has problems with  
having no credit card or parents don't  allow kids to buy game. So here i come and help  
you guys get code. Every month i giveaway two or more codes. All you really need to do is  
few steps and fill up one form. Then you are in. (No survey or trick).

I know that you think there is no way that you can win code. But that's not true! I am giving  
away codes to random people so every one that did steps has 50% chance to win code!

If you think this is fake check out "Winners" area and see who already won code. In case  
you won we will email you code to mail that you included in form that you will fill out later.

Also you need to know to be fair to everyone that join giveaway we remove all mails that  
we recive at end of month so you will need to send new form every month to stay in  
giveaway for code!
Home Redu-Craft
Are you sick of servers that LAG? Servers that don't care about you and your
friends? Servers on which you have to wait to do anything? Well it's time for some
changes. We are working on server called Redu-Craft which was made by UXRO,

On server you can:
- Play Survival
- PVP with friends or random people
- Play many different & awesome minigames
- Build on PlotMe server
- Be active and earn different ranks
- Help server, players and earn ranks
- Donate and get awesome rank
- Buy items that you need in server shop (IGN money)

All this and more on redu-craft. Not open yet but it will be soon. Get ready =)

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