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About page:
        Main purpose of this page is to show you Minecraft items/block/heads ID's. Website is really easy to use all you need to do is type item name and it will show you item/block name and ID. I also worked hard to include per versions items (from 1.1 to 1.8) so you won't get items that are not even on version that you play.

Version selection:
(Dropdown menu also tell you on which page you're located)

Why is better then other pages:
- Fast loading (thanks to bootstrap)
- Modern & clean design
- No advertisements
- Per version items (from 1.1 to 1.8)
- Different skulls/heads
- Secret items
- Tutorial on how to give yourself item
- Quick ID selection
- Simple website link ( )

About secret items:
Secret items are coming with next website update. We are currently exploring what we can add to list. We will add per version secret items so you won't get confused what you can use in which version.

About heads items:
This are users heads that you can use to decorate different creations that you made. You can find small blocks, items, food,... 

Coming soon updates:

- Mobile version of site (Right now it won't fit and work with phones)
- Crafting tutorials
- Per version secret items
- Category heads (example: food, decoration,...)
- New minecraft versions (really soon 1.9 items will be added)
- and more... 

You can visit website project on following link: >>Go to website<<

irocktype95 This seems like a cool idea. Although i suggest that you add mods to the list to. But mods that alot of people use. So t ...

Official server

UXRO a posted Aug 22, 15  -  Cracked/PremiumMinecraftofficialserver

Hello everyone:

I love playing on Minecraft server but i didn't really work on my own server. I had one but i close it really soon. So after that time i didn't even play Minecraft that much. But now i will start brand new Minecraft server. It will be small Minecraft server for around 50 players. It won't be branded on my launchers page because it get more problems then good players. And also launchers will be moved to other page.

About server:

- 1.8 or 1.9 (probably 1.8 for now)

- Cracked

- Survival/Creative/PlotMe/Minigames/Adventure

- Ranks: Around 10-15 max

- VIP: Yes from 10$ to 20$

- BETA Open: 1/October/2015

- Name: / 

- Host: /

- RAM: /

- Minigames: Parkour, dropper, TNT run,... (next level maps)

If you have any questions just ask bellow :)

erichobo hype!
irocktype95 People who use there date like this: Month/Day/year The server will be beta on 10/1/2015
jsaladbar101 What is the ip

New better website - Update #1

UXRO a posted Aug 14, 15

Quick update message:

So for past 2 days we were working hard to make our website more user friendly. We are still not done, but for people that are still using our website we completed few things. And what is most important we make our forums more user friendly so you can finally enjoy speaking with others without big limits.

Now you can finally enjoy following things:

- Minecraft updates are coming in this BLOG section

- New website design

- New forums tags (so users can see what your post is about)

- 40 Different categories to post your Creations, textures, problems, questions,.. 

- More then 4 off topic categories for things that we didn't include in our categories

- Updated forums rules with less rules (we allow advertise now :D )

- Google ads (as we think they are most safe to work with)

- more news on the way,...

Broken_Lava Well to be honest... I really like it. Lets hope tis not too complicated for some. xD